Social Media: Instagram Christmas Wish List

Almost everyone, as well as their grandmother, have weighed in around the Instagram acquisition over the past one day, which demonstrates the extent to which tech startups have made it into the mainstream consciousness in our culture (in part due to ‘The Social Network’). There is a compelling Aaron Sorkin-Esque storyline behind the Instagram acquisition: the company will set you back at $1B with zero revenue in two years. It’s impressive, and, of course, controversial. But the real story is the fact Instagram built and scaled their plan to 1000s of users with just twelve people. Do the math on that. $1,000,000,000 / 12 person headcount = approx. $83M per head. That is just nuts.

What is the real reason for Instagram’s huge popularity? This post will lead you to a better understanding of this amazing social network.

Instagram (Photo Facebook) desires to make money using your details without hinting? Honestly, that will ‘t be associated with a surprise. Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service that Facebook bought this year, is the target of the storm of outrage on Twitter along with other sites from the alternation in its user agreement hinted it might use shared photos in ads.

Instagram is a way for brands to employ a new method of marketing a few. Instead of having professional pictures and ideal images, Instagram allows spontaneous sharing of photos and more natural ways to get Instagram likes: read more. This gives the site and brands more of a personality within the minds of the company’s customers. Instagram followers could post pictures of their favorite brands and products on the web page, which can be a great word of mouth advertising for restaurants.

Upload Instagram from your computer. Yes, I realize Instagram can be a phone application, and I have it on my small tablet. However, when I consider all the photos I have on my little computer that would look great with all the Instagram filters, I inevitably think somebody has devised a method to attempt. Perhaps the probability of spammers finding such a thing and abusing it keeps Instagram from allowing it, but this could still be something fun to own. Why is an Instagram good match for fashion web pages?

Similar to Twitter, Instagram features a hashtag feature. When uploading images, one has a choice of putting hashtags that relate compared to that picture. For example, if a pizza restaurant puts a photograph with their veggie pizza, they could use hashtags #pizza, #restaurant, #veggie, and other things that will fit the image. Then, when someone pursuit of pizza, their picture arrive up together with all photos with the hashtag #pizza. That is another opportunity for attracting Instagram likes. Looking for ways to boost your Instagram account – you can try this out!