5 rules for social media use for small businesses

So one of the first things I tell new clients about social media is that there some rules to follow or at least guidelines.  Here are the top 5 things I would stay away from when using social media as a small business.

Not develop your strategy.

So many businesses jump into social media with no idea what they are doing and why their goals are for social media.  It is important to understand the tools and networks you are becoming part of.  Develop your plan and set your goals.

Be real.

People connect with people not a no name corporations.  You will find more success when you are yourself and interact as a real person and offer your expertise.  Also be sure to use your manners and thank others.

Do Not Spam!

The quickest way to destroy your relationship is by constantly barraging them with sales pitches.  One of the biggest mistakes I see from businesses is just using social media as a way to blast the Internet with useless unsolicited sales attempts.

Be  Friendly.

Do not attack people or other businesses online it is very offensive to potential customers.  Stay professional and avoid the temptation to constantly vent.
Do Not Self Promote All the Time.
Promote your partners, customers, friends and followers.  They will be more receptive to you and more likely promote you which is the end goal.

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