Brand I am most loyal to

So today the discussion question in my class was what Brand are you most loyal to.

The Brand I have been most loyal to is of course Apple. I have not spent a dollar on another brand of computers since my first apple 14 years ago. I believe Apple still has pride in its products and I have not found a product that they work hard to make their products “User Friendly.” Here is the way I feel Apple demonstrates this to me:

Logo – They have a very clean simple logo that is one color and usually found in white or black maybe with a slight gradient. It is not very detailed but it doesn’t require its logotype to identify it.

Packaging- Even their packaging is easy to use. I am sure you all have dealt with gifts that require blow torches and machetes to open. Once you open those gifts the parts go everywhere and then comes to fun part… trying to figure out how to put that thing together. If you ever had the opportunity to open an apple product you will know that it is fun. The boxes slide open easily. The products pull out easily and are presented as if they are in a jewelry box.

The Product – Apple products look great! Hands down they are some of the best looking products in the market. Their products might not be the biggest or smallest (some cases they are) But they do it right. They do not feel cheap, they have great plastics and use metal when need be. The iphone 4 is all glass and feels like something from the future. The new imac looks like a monitor but the whole computer is built in. The apple mouse is touch enabled without using track balls or rollers that collect dust.

The Advertising – Simple ads where someone explains why you should get a mac in a clear and concise way to clearly define the product advantage. The music ads use cutting edge music that any song they use in an ad sky rockets in sales.

The user interface – whether it is their website or itunes. Apple makes it very easy to buy products from them.

All around Apple has great designers involved in every aspect of their business. Not only that but they are constantly evolving their designs for the better.

The product line I have no loyalty to at all is chewing gum. I am not even tied to a certain flavor. I just grab a pack that looks good at that moment and chew away. There are some brands which I will not buy again due to lack of taste but for the most part I like change when it comes to gum. I like new packaging ideas. I like new flavors. I really don’t care who makes it. It is gum. :)


Karl said...

On Apple:
I am not an Apple person. I enjoy some of their products (iPod), admire the amazing aesthetics and quality of the hardware, and recognize the marketing genius behind their success.

The barrier for me is price - I'm a cheap-o. The brand I am most loyal to, I suppose, would be Equate or Great Value.

One day, when I "make it" maybe i'll snag an i-something. Until then, I'll just hang with my turd of a computer and Zack Morris phone.

David Rosen said...

I get it. With some things I am not willing to spend the money on the premier product. I guess it is all about what you find important. For example my brother inlaw loves bow hunting so he has a mathews bow and is willing to pay that extra dollar to have that product. Or a friend of mine that is interested in cooking bought a knife that costs $100. I would never do the same thing but I guess since they spend a lot of time with that product it is important. Thanks for the comment.

William said...

The reason why most people are loyal to Apple is because of the quality and durability of their products. I'm actually one of those people.

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Simon Greenwhich said...
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Simon Greenwhich said...

Apple is one of the most successful companies today. They have produced a lot of good products in the past and many people are expecting for more new and innovative gadgets today. Thanks to Steve Jobs who became the mind of the Apple Products. Although he's gone, I am certain that some of his knowledge about technology have been imparted to all of his colleagues. Aside from the fact that Jobs had a great mind when it comes to gadgets, he had surely given the company the right practices to run a business properly.

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Billy S. said...

Though I believe Apple is a good product, I think it is still overrated. The prices of their product line far exceeds the usability that most people are willing to pay for. Steve Jobs is just a great marketer that's why Apple has been very successful.

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Stew said...

As much as I would love to share your loyalty with that Apple brand, my rationale mind simply cannot. I simply cannot fathom how that brand raised capitalism to obscure levels and has continuously selfishly denied the computing world of shared access to their core development efforts. Not to mention the high-price tag that is simple unbearable to the common folk who wants a share of their medium. form a california llc