It is all the same in the end.

I wanted to share this article with you guys. I think about 2 years ago I had that moment when it hits you. I began piling more and more on my back to try to get it all done before my time is gone. I thought all the work would break me, but I chosen not to stress about when I fail. Because I know I will fail. I decided that in order to get all that I want to get done in this life completed, I had to get started. Two years later and I am adjusting with all that I have going on. I think it stresses the wife out more than it does me (which I feel bad about.) Every day is full of things I have to get done. Most of the time I get it done. And things are moving very fast. I feel though as if I am waiting for something big to happen as a result of all my work. As if it will all combine into this karma bomb and provide me with something very rewarding. I worry that in 4 years from now I will look back and think what a big dummy publishers clearing house is not delivering you a oversized check. But, I must press on. I am enjoying it for now.

By the way I love the Sienfeld reference. I do look at my little girls and think about how they are here to replace me and smile. I know they are a much improved model. :)

Snippet from the article "My 10 year high school reunion is coming up this year. I was thinking about this, and thinking about how astoundingly quickly the 10 years had gone by. And then I thought about how I might only get 5 more of those ten year periods. I thought about 5 apples lined up on a counter. Not very many. 5 apples before I’m food for worms."
This is a great read!

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