The Four Stages of Life





pretty cut and dry people. :)

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The Foxhunt - Walk of Life!

Walk of Life

It Suits Me


Great show by the Foxhunt at the Opera House Live in Shepherdstown


random tune created.

This past weekend I was in the mood to put a tune together...

Got a Minute to spare? by ave

running a promotion on facebook

So as some of you know I had to stop a promotion I was running on the plum facebook site. This morning I began to try to understand the legalese behind Facebooks rules on promotions. Please feel free to check out the Facebook promo policies yourself. Feel free to help me figure out how to modify my promo to have it run on facebook!



It is all the same in the end.

I wanted to share this article with you guys. I think about 2 years ago I had that moment when it hits you. I began piling more and more on my back to try to get it all done before my time is gone. I thought all the work would break me, but I chosen not to stress about when I fail. Because I know I will fail. I decided that in order to get all that I want to get done in this life completed, I had to get started. Two years later and I am adjusting with all that I have going on. I think it stresses the wife out more than it does me (which I feel bad about.) Every day is full of things I have to get done. Most of the time I get it done. And things are moving very fast. I feel though as if I am waiting for something big to happen as a result of all my work. As if it will all combine into this karma bomb and provide me with something very rewarding. I worry that in 4 years from now I will look back and think what a big dummy publishers clearing house is not delivering you a oversized check. But, I must press on. I am enjoying it for now.

By the way I love the Sienfeld reference. I do look at my little girls and think about how they are here to replace me and smile. I know they are a much improved model. :)

Snippet from the article "My 10 year high school reunion is coming up this year. I was thinking about this, and thinking about how astoundingly quickly the 10 years had gone by. And then I thought about how I might only get 5 more of those ten year periods. I thought about 5 apples lined up on a counter. Not very many. 5 apples before I’m food for worms."
This is a great read!


Grids, painting, and art!

I remember in highschool or was it college when I saw a poster that was a grid of photos that made up a larger picture and I was floored. It was back in 93 and at the time it blew my mind. Ever since then computers have made it easier and easier to do this type of grid work. I have been experimenting lately with it myself doing abstract grids. I am going to continue to do so. You know watching shows like Georgetown cupcake you can see how this has become a go to method for artists now a days. They do most of their cupcake layouts this way. My uncle sent me these great photos today that was done with coffee. AWESOME.

I also came upon Chuck closes work below which really inspires me to take it to the next level.


plum week one contest

Here is a video promo I did for a contest running at plum in Shepherdstown, West Virginia!


Reflections of our past

Today I wanted to feature an artist project that I found myself looking at this morning. Have you ever seen the work of Irina Werning? She created this project of photos that captured my attention that was a lot of fun. She recreated a photo a photo from a persons past. It had the outfit and all. It reminds me of those timelapse photos people do where you actually see them grow a beard or age right in front of your eyes. But I think I like this one more. This project really had me staring at each image and trying to figure out what has changed and what is the same with that person. It also had me wondering and creating stories of what they went through. Great work.

See More from Irina Werning


Porn for Designers!

This morning I came upon two new sites for your pleasure. Twitter actually led me to them and I will forever be greatful. The first site I came upon is called Stair Porn. This site is full of awe inspiring photos of stairs. Yes I know what you are thinking... David has lost his mind once again. But you need to check this site out. It is as if you took a world tour of the coolest staircases from around the world. You need to go take a look and follow them on

The second site I came upon was Morph Interior Blog. Their twitter account is @interiorporn (listen twitter reccomended them and I had to check them out). This site is run by Luke Williams who is the Co-Director of Morph interior ltd. He has collected a wealth of amazing photos combined with his interior design experience make for a great blog that I will follow now on a regular basis. Good stuff!

And this folks is why twitter is great.

Has IKEA Implemented IMC Successfully?

This is a very good question. I think IKEA is a truly interesting subject for this question because its whole business is based around its catalog since it began.

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of traditional print news resources disappear because they were so big and they were not able to adapt to changes in technology and how consumers are now consuming information. We have also seen over the past few years a lot of brick and mortar stores disappear due to a poor economy and changes in globalization and how customers shop. I think this could cause a lot of trouble for companies that are unwilling to change how they do business because that is how they have always done business.

So looking back at the beginning of this semester Stacey Creely explained IMC as follows:

"What is IMC? As defined by Tom Duncan, one of the founding fathers of IMC, IMC is "a process for planning, executing, and monitoring the brand messages that create customer relationships." It’s important to remember that segmentation and diversity are at the core of IMC. "

Based on what I have learned this semester I would say that IKEA has successfully implemented IMC. They are using a lot of traditional resources including great PR and print to reach their customers. Their catalog is amazing and has been the cornerstone of how they got their message out. Most companies of their size would keep running in that direction but not IKEA. Did you know they have a IPHONE/ IPAD app catalog? IKEA APP They also have a YouTube channel, a twitter account, a Facebook site, and they have their fingers in a few other new social apps. I think are testing out new mediums to connect with their customers carefully and continuing to utilize what is and always has been working for them.

The one aspect I have to say it truly amazing about IKEA is their PR. They have been very good about getting articles in traditional media about their company and about what they are doing. If you do a google news search on IKEA you will see relevant good news about the company and all that they are doing. For example when I did it just now it pulled up “IKEA building its own personal wind farm". They get the message out in a big way and tying it all into their products and their wants and needs of their target customers.

If you understand who their target customers are, and you look at how they are reaching them, I am very surprised to see a different strategy then I would take work so well. IKEA has really done things different then its competitors and I believe that is why they are so successful. I only hope that they continue to adapt their strategy to the ever changing mediums that technology is providing us.