Tips for small business marketing with social media

So, Cari (my wife) and I were talking the other night above our pet peeves about marketing on Facebook and how to change our strategy to improve the way Plum does business online. The first thing that came to mind was push marketing and how big of a turn off it is. Some great people that have great products ruin their social media presence by being so intrusive with push marketing. The biggest problem is when they advertise for their business using these techniques with their personal accounts. It is as if in order to be their friend I have to hear them sell stuff every 5 minutes online. It is a major turnoff for a customer no matter how great an offering you have. So after going over our conversation here are 6 tips for social media that I think all business should think about online.

  • If the business is self centered and not focused on its community and just does push marketing it will continue to do so with social media and fail.
  • A business that is lame offline will be even more lame on Social Media
  • A business that is not interested in building relationships with its customers will find Social Media a waste of time. While a company that cares, will see social media as a way to improve its business and make things better for its customers.
  • A business that will be successful using social media is interested in growing and becoming the best it can by listening, and recognizing greatness in their community and customers.
  • Don’t ask people to like your business… show them something awesome that makes them want to like your business.
  • Look for opportunities to have conversations with people that might be interested in your service don’t just spam them with unwanted content.


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David Rosen said...

Thanks for the comment. I will begin summarizing my writeups.


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