My review of the Audi Superbowl Commercial "Release the Hounds"

Audi went big with its super bowl XLV commercial not being one of the early commercials for the game, but it had a great story, film like qualities, action scenes, guest star cameo, and it was funny. “Release the Hounds” as it was called was in my mind what all superbowl commercials attempt to be.

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I really actually enjoyed this commercial based on what I have learned so far in IMC. I can see how this commercial came to fruition through the SWOT analysis. If you look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Audi brand you see that their competitors are luxury brands that have been around a long time, and are established as the vehicles of the wealthy. The key message for this campaign is Luxury has Progressed. What Audi has decided to do is play off their weakness and make it into a selling point. Audi created a commercial that attempts to classify Audi automobiles as the new luxury brand in contrast to Mercedes as the OLD luxury brand. Throughout the commercial they contrast two men buy having one seem born rich and not very smart, while the other is quick, athletic, and modern. In the end the “old rich” gentleman was hoodwinked into getting into a Mercedes because his father owned one. While the other hopped into the Audi and drove off. The Mercedes man was driven back into the prison while the man in the Audi got away. It was a great commercial that turned out to be even a better move once Mercedes played their commercial. The Mercedes commercial showed their cars throughout history and ended up making Mercedes look old which really allowed Audi’s strategy stand out.

One of the major things I actually looked for was how commercials used social media and overall I was surprisingly disappointed. I could not believe how many of the commercials decided to not have anything social and interactive. But… with that said Audi was the first Super Bowl commercial to have twitter hash tags. They introduced a contest for users on twitter that allowed them to use the #progressis in a tweet and the winner would win a drive in an Audi R8. They creatively got people talking about their product on twitter and got people to think creatively.


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