David Rosen is now showing at Lost Dog in Shepherdstown West Virginia

I am very excited about having my first show at Lost Dog in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. This is going to be a great exercise for me to learn what people like and don't like in a show. I also plan on posting some information so people can get in touch with me via social media. The first thing I learned is that I should have done smaller prints with matting. I love big prints but I think matting would allow more separation from the wall and make it look cleaner. That was my original plan but I ended up thinking I could get larger frames with mattes for 16x20s which was not possible and would make my prints not very affordable. My plan is to sell all prints on the wall as they are for $90 then offer 8x10 prints at plum that are framed and matted for less. Please feel free to provide me any feedback you might have for me here or twitter, email, or whatever.

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