Social Fitness!

So since it is the beginning of a new year everyone is trying to get fit. I figure I would list some good social networking fitness sites. Losing weight can be a lot more fun when you do it as a group. It also can be beneficial to have someone holding you accountable for your exercise.

Daily Mile
Share your training with friends and stay motivated.

Daily Burn
Best-in-class fitness plans, nutritional tracking, and social motivation to help you reach Your health and fitness goals

Fat Secret
All Things Food and Diet.

Spark People
Make your life an adventure.
Your nutrition and Health Solution

Extra Pounds
Weightloss Support+Motivation

Traineo helps you lose weight by letting you track your progress through a unique way of getting friendly motivation.

Please send me more!!! I want to try to keep this site up to date! What do you use?

pardon the interupption now back to your regular scheduled program...

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Anonymous said...

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