Hitting Creative Walls?

One thing I encounter from time to time is a creative wall. Sometimes it can last a year which becomes very frustrating. I usually get myself into this pit when I try to force an idea that is not working or I start creating something and it just is not working. This starts to eat at my self confidence which in turn eats away at my creativity. I find it very interesting to see how personally my self confidence is linked intrinsically to my creativity. When I am up against of this creative wall, I find myself thinking about the piece in question that is giving me such issues all the time. For example, I have a canvas in my attic that is of a brown tree on a blue canvas. I started it when I felt very creative and had a great idea it about 3 years ago. At this point when I think about it now and again I try to solve the problem in my head which cumulatively has taken up a good bit of time in the past 3 years. I learned something in art school that I never really got until now. My professor would tell me to just paint over it. I could never get myself to do that, whether it was my pride or my need to solve problems I just could never just give up on an idea I had that I could not complete. But, now that I think about it painting over it would free my head up to use that time I spend trying to figure out that issue with that canvas to be creative with other projects. In life, and as well with art, you must be prepared to no when you lost and its time to move on. Don't waste your energy on something you have realized just doesn't work. Take what you have learned from that project and use it on the next project. But having these failures sit around unfinished wastes to much of your creative problem solving time that could be used on coming up with your next project.

What do you do to get past these walls?

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