The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Look I am on a horse.... Ok I have not posted commercials in a while but this goes back to one of the original reasons why I started the blog. I love when someone creates something that is just so perfect everyone talks about it. I have to say Olds Spice you have done it. This is what all commercials aspire to be.


Nate Duval - Prints of abodes

Today I would like to share with you the work of Nate Duval! There are many reasons why I love the work of Nate. Growing up my parents bought a painting on the back of glass when we were in Israel it has a small town on the side of the sea and it had some over sized fish in it as well. The style was very similar to Nate Duvals work! I also find that it in some way is similar to my work in which it features the repetitive nature of towns but how still each building is so unique. If you get an opportunity check out Nate Duvals site. I am thinking that his prints are the perfect gift for your Valentine! :)