10 Hand Carved Skateboards

Below are 10 very cool hand carved skateboards by Doug McKee. All his boards are hand carved and are fully functioning. Although you have to rid them carefully so not to break them they are still something very cool for those skateboarders that have it all. He also has a article about his process he does it all from green wood. Anyway enjoy the 10 hand carved skateboards and head over to his site to order yourself one.

1. Croc Board

2. Articulating winds on a insect

3. The double Crested Cormorant

4. Hooded Merganser

5. Stealth Robin

6. Swimming Dancer

7. Skate with mask

8. Winged Shark

9. Octopus Long board

10. Octopus


So I made this t-shirt design last night but I think it will be quickly deleted off of my skreened site so I figure I will post it here to. With all the media hubbub about Four Loko having to change its product ingredients do to people dying I figured there was a nice grass roots movement being built. Well the I'M with COCO was very cool and trendy so I stylized it after that. So lets see how long the I'M WITH LOKO T-shirt stays on skreened. They have removed half of my other designs. So go get your I'M with LOKO shirt now before they close it down. :)


Top 5 Ways to get in touch with Santa Claus this year!

5. Tweet the big man at @Santa - I am not sure if he will respond but you can definitely find out what he is up to.

4. Check Santa out on the Norad Site! He has a count down and when he is ready to go you can locate him at all times.

3. You can email Santa at the North Pole.

2.How about calling Santa at 1855-34-Santa or go to Send a call from Santa

1. My number one though is the personalized video Santa will send you at Portable North Pole!

Art imitating the Media??? Joris Goulenok Bullys in Acrilyc

I was just telling a buddy about a concept of mine that had to do with creating imagery instantaneously based on twitter buzz or our 24 hour news. I thought it would be such a cool concept... Well looking around I stumbled on the work of Joris Goulenoks on Flickr... It made me smile for some strange reason even though the imagery was not smiling material... or was it... Any way he has a bunch of great drawings representing some kids kicking another kids ass. This is not a concept I would have come up with but it was one the mark as far as what is being discussed in the media. I have to say I find his work extremely intriguing. Even down to its stylization being that of a children's book. Well done Joris... you have my attention!


New blog and website for plum!

So I have to admit I am very happy about the new website and blog I set up for our store. If you have a second checkout the online store at and our blog at I still have a lot of work to do but the concept is there! Let me know what you think!


God I love me some RATATAT!


My Bio

So lately at the request of galleries and such I have been developing a short but sweet bio for myself. I am hoping it tells enough about me that people understand where I am coming from. Let me know your thoughts?

At a young age, David Rosen delved into a multitude of art forms, including painting, photography, drawing, music, sculpture, ceramic, and even cooking, always experimenting on how to use these tools to express his ideas. At the age of 9 he moved with his family from the Catskills in New York to Rome, Italy where he traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East visiting art museums and taking in the amazing architecture. After completing a degree in Fine Arts from UMBC he began a career working for large organizations designing their web presence.

After ten years of experimenting with many different formats, David turned his attention to creating images that embody his own style and personal point of view. He began to utilize his skills in photography and computer graphics to create marvelous photo illustrations. His work is notable by his masterful use of color, strong composition and a measured interpretation of subject matter.

David lives with his wife Cari, his two daughters Eve and Zoe, and an orange dog named Willow.


Two New Prints at PLUM!

I am very excited about my latest prints that I completed and put on display at Plum. I am really seeing my work evolve at this point. I have received some good praise on my latest work and I hope to do a few galleries this spring but I really need to get more work done. Anyway, here are two of the latest on display at Plum in Shepherdstown, WV. Please stop by and take a look and send me an email and let me know what you think.

Yellow Brick Road by David Rosen

Radiate by David Rosen


What to buy for a watch loving geek!

So most women out there are scrambling to figure out what to get their husbands for the holidays. Times are tight yes and you might not have the money to buy your husband the ipad or the latest droid or he probably has both if you do have the money. There are two things that men like that are always good gifts that you can afford. Shoes and watches... OK some might not admit it but there is nothing better then a fresh pair of kicks or a watch that will have your boys geeking. So I figured I better post some ideas for you ladies. For the man that appreciates a well designed cool watch head right over to Tokyo Flash... I know what your thinking... some crappy money thieving website over the water... but check it out. They have what I believe to be the most cutting edge watches out there. They have really rethought the interface and completely overdone there watches. Check em out! Oh and if someone talks to my wife let her know she can get one for me. :)


I am back! And I am featuring Yellena James

I have just become a fan of a very talented artist and her name is Yellena James. We all know how much I am into color with my own art but I really enjoy the intricate detail she has in her work. Her work to me look as if you are examining a dream under a microscope. Some of the work could even be underwater or outer space images.

I have begun to follow her blog and you should to at and on twitter @yelenajames . Take a look at a few images I have featured here and then head over to Yellena etsys shop and buy some holiday gifts. :)

By the way... it is good to be back blogging. I will show you some of my new work next week. till then... Stay warm.


The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Look I am on a horse.... Ok I have not posted commercials in a while but this goes back to one of the original reasons why I started the blog. I love when someone creates something that is just so perfect everyone talks about it. I have to say Olds Spice you have done it. This is what all commercials aspire to be.


Nate Duval - Prints of abodes

Today I would like to share with you the work of Nate Duval! There are many reasons why I love the work of Nate. Growing up my parents bought a painting on the back of glass when we were in Israel it has a small town on the side of the sea and it had some over sized fish in it as well. The style was very similar to Nate Duvals work! I also find that it in some way is similar to my work in which it features the repetitive nature of towns but how still each building is so unique. If you get an opportunity check out Nate Duvals site. I am thinking that his prints are the perfect gift for your Valentine! :)


Peak Shift - James Roper

Peak Shift is something I am constantly working towards with my work and today I will share with you the work of James Roper. His paintings are amazing and very intriguing. I can not stop staring at them. This is due to Peak Shift... Take a look at his work and when you are done head over to James Ropers website to see more...

Peak Shift Principle This psychological phenomenon is typically known for its application in animal discrimination learning. In the peak shift effect, animals sometimes respond more strongly to exaggerated versions of the training stimuli. For instance, a rat is trained to discriminate a square from a rectangle by being rewarded for recognizing the rectangle. The rat will respond more frequently to the object for which it is being rewarded to the point that a rat will respond to rectangle that is longer and skinner with a higher frequency than the original of which is was trained. This is called a super stimulus. The fact that the rat is responding more to a 'super' rectangle implies that it is learning a rule.
This effect can be applied to human pattern recognition and aesthetic preference. Artists attempt to capture the very essence of something in order to evoke a direct emotional response. In other words, they try to make a 'super' rectangle to get the viewer to have a higher frequency response. To capture the essence of something, an artist amplifies the differences of that object, or what makes it unique, to highlight the essential features and reduce redundant information. This process mimics what the visual areas of the brain have evolved to do and more powerfully activates the same neural mechanisms that were originally activated by the original object.[4]

Artists deliberately exaggerate shading, highlights, illumination, etc to an extent that would never occur in a real image to produce a caricature. However, at some times many artists may be unconsciously producing heightened activity in the specific areas of the brain in a manner that is not obvious to the conscious mind. Currently, it is unknown how the visual pathways account for this.