The Incredible Illustrations of James Jean!

I love the work by James Jean but I will let Mars say it best "Jean is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. He was educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles in 2003. In a ceaseless torrent of images, his finely wrought and narrative-driven work has captured the attention of a world-wide audience and the admiration of other artists, designers, and filmmakers. Renowned for his draftsmanship, imagination, and ability to span the commercial and fine art worlds, Jean has created a deeply involved body of work that has been widely featured in print, fabric, large-scale installations, and animation." Take the time and check out is work at


Irish Contemporary Artist: Connor Maguire

Since today is Saint Patricks day I celebrate it with featuring a contemporary artist from Ireland. Connor Maguire was born in Belfast which is in Northern Ireland. Connor lived in New York Briefly after school but returned home to Belfast. He has been working as a freelance artist doing anything from illustration, ceramics, website design or even framing. His work is bright and colorful and is glorifies everyday life. Take some time today and check out Connor Macguires work at


My latest TShirt Series: Dead Icons

So this past weekend I started a series of tshirts with some familiar icons from my youth. I plan on expaning on this concept and doing a opened ended series of these. Take a look at these and other shirt designs at

Frozen in motion: Julia Fullerton- Batten

I am very intrigued by how Julia is able to get these dream like moments on film. She does some crazy experiments with props scale and motion. These photos really pull me in and allow me to questions what she is trying to say. I really think there are some serious women's issues in my mind being discussed with these images. I want to know what you think? take a look at her work at and post back here what you her work says to you.