Candy Kills!: Liz Wolfe

In my want for spring to be here already I am posting the work of Liz Wolfe. The color in her work is amazing. It could not be any more colorful. It is actual eye candy but there is a darker side to her work. I love the contrast she creates with her subjects and the candy land imagery she has created. If you are ready for spring take a minute and go through Liz Wolfe's Website and check out here amazing photographs!


A Minature Town with a Story: Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett is an artist from Portland Maine that graduated from New York Academy of Art in 2002. She has had exhibits all over the world and in the U.S. I truly attracted to the story she creates with her painting and the whole idea behind this series. She has created a miniature neighborhood similar to what one would create for a train set. She then created a story and a loose timeline behind this neighborhood that when put together creates its history. What really is creative to me is that she doesn't tell this story with a book or a movie or even a sitcom. She tells this story through her series of Oil paintings. Maybe it is my need to be able to tell a store with my work but I really want to be able to create this curiosity that she creates with this series. I believe this is what I truly have been missing in my work and that is creating a story behind the work and trying to get that story translated to the viewer of the work. Sounds easy... But it is not and she does it so well. Check out the whole store at Amy Bennetts Website and it is not all Pickett fences. :)