Hiding Intimate Desires: Angela Fraleigh

Today I am talking about the work of Angela Fraleigh. Her work has a lot of elements that create interest. There is passion, color, and a story. Angela Fraleighs work really creates a story in my mind and I want to know more. As I go through her portfolio I feel like I am peeking on on something I should not see. The color that hides the people creates three things for me one is the feeling that I am not supposed to be seeing this or maybe a foggy memory. The color and randomness creates maybe a sort of violent or energy as well. and lastly it gives the image age, as if you find an old picture in the attic.

Angela Fraleigh is an artist who lives in Allentown, Pa. That is near where my buddy Chris Heath is a Chef. She graduated with her Masters in painting from Yale University. If you have time go and check out her site at it is worth your time.


The Illustrations of Raquel Aparicio

Today I am featuring the beautiful illustrations from Raquel Aparicio. Here Illustrations amaze me with there creativity. So many great ideas and I LOVE the colors she uses. I wonder why she uses the wolf symbolism in a lot of her illustrations? Raquel was Born in Avila and a has a twin sister. She has done some major more for big clients! This is a video of her in a Wendys commercial.

Take some time today and enjoy Raquels work and maybe pick something up from Raquels store.

My New Canvas has Arrived.

Last night was a christmas day for me. My new canvas arrived with my print and it turned out great. Check it out.


Little people in the big world: Slinkachu

Today I would to bring to your attention the little people all around us that slinkachu has created. In London an artist by the name of slinkachu not peekachoo is creating little hand painted people and putting into the world to fend for themselves. These works of art are to me a lot of fun and amazing to look at. How many of you would really spot these as you were walking by and would you pick them up or leave them for others to find. I am very interested in the book Sluinkachu put out as well. Take the time and check out the little people blog.


Abandoned Man-Made Creations: Artificial Owl

Today I found this website that documents fascinating abandoned creations of man. This is very intriguing to me because growing up I lived a few miles away from a cement plant. This cement plant was the one that produced the cement for the Brooklyn bridge. It was amazing as a child to explore this property there were a lot of cool find there. I once in a while try to find it on google maps but the satellite imagery is not very good there. Another trip I took with my wife also allowed us to stumble upon abandoned buildings. We went Shelling when we went to Naples, Florida and on this one island there were abandoned homes every where. It was like a graveyard of abandoned dreams. So when I found this site it brought all kinds of great memories back to me. The one that I thought was quite sad was the public book storage building in Detroit. Anyway, take a looksy.

More sites with abandoned property.
Artificial Owl - Great site and up to date
Abandoned Places - Very cool looking site but they made it not as cool to find the good content.
Grave Addiction - Simple site good content
Abandoned but not forgotten - Terrible design but good content
Haunted Abandoned Buildings - Simple site some content
Let me know if I forgot a good link for this one