My Wordle of the Week.

One of my FAVORITE websites is I can't even tell you how much time I could spend on that site. So in order to use it for the powers of good I will be posting a wordle on creatingitchy each week it will be called my wordle of the week. Here is my first enjoy.

Making art with neon light

If you have every been in my town (Shepherdstown) at night you will notice as you approach the residential section of German street that there are a few houses with animals made with neon in windows. Every time I see them it makes me smile. So I have become fascinated with Neon Art as of late. I have contacted a few artists to see how they got started like Eric Ehlenberger. Eric's work with neon is very calming. I really enjoy his luminous Jellyfish.

While Eric's work is more sculptural Dan Flavins work is more focused on color and light. Dan is actually no longer with us, but his work will live on. He built a lot of very cool installations with commercially available fluorescent lights. Dan really was able to create emotion with his minimalist installations. How does this piece he built make you feel?

Another artist that I stumbled upon in my research is Lili Lakich. She is the founder of the Museum of Neon Art and has supervised the restoration of 22 large scale vintage signs. I really dig her work. She has a broad range of work ranging from consumer ads, Illustrations and even websites. But here work with neon really stands out.

So after looking at the work of these three artists I don't think my research will end there. I hope to eventually try to build something of my own.


Everyone needs a good toy for the desk. How about an Obama toy?

Dowload Print Cut Fold thats all folks to make yourself one of these clever little toys that cube craft has put together for us. Their latest Obama cube got me laughing but once I looked through the rest I wanted them all. They have such a cool collection of characters to choose from. Whether your a fan of Dr. Zoidberg, Mario, or hellboy he has the toy for you. So tonight afterwork I will be making myself a few for the desk while I take a few servers down. So if you get a minute make yourself some desk toys.

Another one of Chicago's finest: Mathew Woodson

This morning I found a great Artist from Southern Indiana. Mathew Woodson went to one of the best if not the best art school, The Art Institute of Chicago. He graduated in 2006 and has been residing in Chicago ever since. He has had a great number of clients already while working for Some of his clients are: Action Heights Records, American Express, Bare Films, Bon Appetit Magazine, The Boston Globe, Business Week, Complex Magazine, Digital Kitchen, ESPN Magazine, Far From Timid, Fisher Mountain Bikes, The Folio Society, Forbes Magazine, Ford, Glamour Magazine, Godiva, The House Of Blues, Image Comics, LA Weekly, Learning Media, Meathaus Comics, More Magazine, Nestle, NewYork Magazine, NextBook, Penthouse Magazine, Perry Ellis, Radar Magazine, Randomhouse, The Royal Mail, Sandbox Strategies, Scholastic, Sparknotes, TFA, Threadless, Topshelf Comics, Type Records, UNICEF, Wired Magazine.

What I really like about his Illustrations are how life like they are, yet have that comic feel. I am not sure if any of you have seen Waking Life from 2001, but his illustrations look like they are about to move and begin talking like the animation in that movie.

I am really tempted to purchase one of his prints. I am sure he is going to go far in the world of illustration. If you are on twitter follow him at read his blog at

And oh by the way he is a Musician.


Simon Hogsberg: We're all gonna die- 100 meters of existence

Once in a while an artist does something so refreshing I just need to share. So Simon Hogsberg is a freelance photographer in Copenhagen. He got his BA in photography from school of media in London in 2001. He really has set himself apart with his ability to capture some really interesting people in this project. As I slide through this piece I really want to know the story of each of these subjects. I also love how some interact with him and others interact with each other. Take a minute today and enjoy this great accomplishment We're All Gonna Die- 100 meters of existence by Simon Hogsberg

Getting Social with Colours:

As always I am researching social networking sites that might have value to me. Well, one of my favorite social netorking sites that I use all the time with my designs is ColourLovers. This site allows members of the community to upload palettes, colors, and patterns. To the left you can see a pattern I thought was nice. Check out how you can score that pattern and discuss it. It even ranks them. One of the very cool aspects of this site is the ability to actually download the palettes.

This site can be useful if you are painting a room. Building a website or even painting a picture. It is just a great way to share color finds and exchange your ideas with others that are pationate about colors and patterns.

I am actually looking for colors on ColourLovers myself for our downstairs bathroom.


For the love of virals thanks you T-Mobile!

I am not sure if you guys have seen this but this has to be one of my favorite new viral videos out there. Take a moment and enjoy viral done right.

Our New Left Handed President!

I thought this was a funny fact for today. President Barack Obama is now our eigth Left handed president. Here are the other seven

James A. Garfield
Herbert Hoover
Harry S. Truman
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
H.W. Bush
Bill Clinton

Looks like as of late if you are left handed you have a better chance of being president. From what I understand Left handers are verbally inclined and better at math overall.

Today is a great day for all you left handers out there.

So Whatcha watcha want... Beastie Boys Art

As many of you that know me well know I have been a big fan of the Beastie Boys since I was a boy myself. One of my Design projects in college was actually a biographical piece about them. I believe I did two videos on them in college as well (It has been a long time people). So today I was very happy to stumble upon a website thatis called Under The Influence: Beastie Boys Artwork! They have an awesome collection of Beastie Boys inspired Artwork for sale and in a gallery. I was so tempted to try to buy some myself, then I remembered I don't have money. But, if I did, I would be trying to get a piece for my log room. In his collection there is work by Chris Roth, Shepard Fairey, Glenn E. Friedman, Jonathan Bergeron to name a few. Here are a few samples but go on over and check them out if you are in the LA area.