The Boston Legal Chair

So at the end of every episode of my former favorite show Boston Legal there is this great moment where they sit there and smoke cigars and have a drink. Well, I want that chair. I found it on a great furniture store online.

Bubble Club Chair by Kartell
designed by Philippe Starck
The Bubble Club Chair is made of batch-dyed polyethylene and is the pioneer in the concept of furnishing accessories; the industrial sofa made entirely of plastic. Technology and research have allowed Kartell to be the first design company

No Pants Subway Ride

OK so NYC was a little warmer last week when the annual No Pants Subway Ride went down. I love New York. With over 2500 people involved this was one Itchy event.

Yula Brodskaya and her perfect paper

So after seeing the work of Kris Kuksi I was really digging on sculptures and 3-D art. So I went back and took a look at the work of Yula Brodskaya. Her work is so crisp clean and delicate. I am just amazed by the patience of some artists. I am personally like a bull in a china shop. I always Envy an artist that really has the patience to do something so fragile. So Yula is Russian born was born and started out as a contemporary office decorations back in Moscow. She then moved over to London and earned her M.A. in Graphic design. I can definitely see her Graphic Design influence. Anyway, I thought you all would enjoy taking a look at her work and if you get a minute head over to Yula's site.


Free Vector of Obama in Black and White

I built a vector of Obama this past weekend to share with you. Feel free to download and use. The only site that I could find to host it was this. If you know of a better hosting site let me know please. To the right, is what the vector art looks like.

My Art Work

So I at least want to feature one new artist every day on my blog. Today instead I will feature one of my new compositions. Let me know what you think of it. I hope to have at least 10 done by spring to see if I can put together a show.

Cute things

So yes we are all now aware of Cute things falling asleep. But did we all know how many sites are out there that have something doing something. My wife and I were in the TV room a few nights ago and just randomly coming up with a few ideas of our own. I wont tell you my ideas because it might show how weird I really am. But!!! My sister brought to my attention a few sites that are not getting the amount of attention as the cute things site. So here is where I will be listing any and all blogs that have something doing something. Let me know if you know of any others and I will add it to the list.


High Five to You Ryan Seacrest

I have no idea why I am posting this in my blog but it just gets me laughing. Well then again Mr. Seacrest, whether we like it or not came from no where and took over TV with American idol and all his other gigs. He is one hard worker.

ARGHH! Those Sea Kittens are at it again.

On the way home from work as usual I was listening to NPR and wamo out of the speakers come a story about PETA trying to re brand fish. WHAT!?! re brand an animal? You can't do that. So get this PETA thinks it can. They are attempting to make fish more adorable. Listen there are no fish on the cute things falling asleep site. NONE! Fish are cool and all don't get me wrong. I spent a couple hundred bucks taking my daughters to see tank loads of them the other week in Baltimore but CUTE? Wait. Cow fish are kinda cute.

Stop me please. Anyhow. I think this is hilarious and they are going to get a good amount of scratches on this itch. Nice Job PETA you have got our attention.

Create Your Own Sea Kitten at!

The Nightmare of Kris Kuksi

Once in a while I come upon an artist who just blows my mind. Well, Kris Kuksi did it. His work is darker then my darkest nightmare. His imagery is of cities of death, devices, and cultish worship gives me shivers. I believe if hell needed an architect they would come to Kris first. He probably would design it to look a lot scarier then it needed to be.

The funny thing is his art remind me a lot of the work I was looking at yesterday from Dan Witz. The paintings he did of the Mosh Pits have that same feel. Kuksi work can even gain respect of those not even interested in this subject by the granular detail he goes into with these miniatures. I thought this quote from his website says it all.

“He soon discovered his distaste for the typical American life and pop culture, feeling that he has always belonged to the ‘Old World’.”

Looking at his pieces I wonder what his work would look like if he tried to create something that emulated our current world. Really there are things going on right now that in my eyes are just as scary. I do understand his draw to the middle ages and the darkness those days churn. I grew up for many years in Rome and I have a love of the architecture from the Middle Ages as well. Kris in my eyes has really hit a home run with his work and I could stare at it for hours unless I was planning on going to bed soon then I would have to stay away. :)


Street Art by Dan Witz

I stumbled upon a great artist website from NYC by the name of Dan Witz. He has such a broad level of media that he works with. I really enjoy his sense of humor in his art yet also see the depth that there is beyond that. I really envy his prolific nature and his constant changing of media which he works with. Whether it be stickers, music, canvas, or light painting, he is always exploring new media. His work is definitely cutting edge and he is really becoming one of my favorite artists. You must go out and check out his work ttp:// He definitely has created itchy with his work. Here are a few sample for you to check out and an interview of him.

I Will Shamwow You With My Blog!

Ok I know this is very off topic for my blog but this infomercial is very itchy. I am using Shamwow as a verb constantly. It has replaced Ginormous and Redonkulous. I am not a very big fan of the infomercial because of its destruction of early morning TV. But Vince has risen to the heights right up there with that bearded guy that yells a lot.

Hmm what’s his name? Billy Mays. (Is he yelling or is he talking… the world will never know).

Back to Vince (oh get this his name is Vince Offer), and the ShamWow. Our bug eyed friend and his product I truly believe are on the verge of invading the English language. I think I have seen at least four or more status posts on Facebook using it as a verb. This morning a twit was seen using it… yes folks a twit. So let me start out and define the word Shamwow for you all.

Adjective, -ness, -weist
1. Something so great you just want to go out and get your own.
a. That girl’s husband is so Shamwow.
b. Check out those new sneakers they are Shamwow

Verb, -wing, wed
1. To surprise with greatness when seeming so ordinary
a. My wife shamwowed me with macaroni and cheese last night
b. My new employee is Shamwowing everyone I am worried they might take my job.

I actually have no interest in the product. I am just so Shamwowed when something as funny as a guy with eyes popping out and a faux hawk yelling at some people at the county fair can really create something so viral. Great job Vince!

So go ahead and start using shamwow. And post it here if you see someone else using it.


Shepard Fairey is Cashing in on success with Barack Obama

The general public is now aware of Shepard Faireys since he did that great design for Obama. I really became interested in his work when he first put out his obey series with Andre. Anyways I was really surprised to hear that he was hired my Saks Fifth Avenue to do a new propaganda spirit spring marketing.

It is funny it seems everyone in the ad world right now is desperately trying to jump on the incredible work by the Obama people to capture that same feel. The reason why is simple THE YOUTH. Barack Obama they say was actually able to get out there and get the youth to vote and in BIG numbers. That is unheard of in the ad world. What you got someone to buy something they have never bought before.

Take a look at Pepsi's new ad campaign. Does that logo look familiar to you??? Yes they too are trying to get that youth market.

Electronic Music and the Web

So since I went on and posted about my love for electronic music last post. I thought I would share with you this cool little website I found. I have a passion for flash and have seen some really cool things done with it but this; This has to be one of my favorite uses for flash. This UI is as real as it gets. I can spend hours playing with this site and I am appologize now if this interupts your work day. I really get into these old school synths and drum machines. Not owning any myself, this kills the craving. AudioTool


Get Social with your music production

So as most of you know social networks are trying to tap every niche group possible out there. One of my interests is of course music.  Whether it be pushing music I produce, collaboration, listening to new artist or trying to find a band there are social networking sites out there trying to get you to sign up.  One site actually captures my interest and I have set up a site at  This site I would say leans towards music producers and vocalists.  It is a very user friendly UI (user interface) and it really understands what electronic music producers need in a social network.  You can check out my personal sound cloud profile at

So some of you might not be into electronic music at all but would love to get social with bands.   Well I did some sound work for my buddy Josh C. on Saturday up in Boonsboro Maryland.  He was playing drums for a band that just got together maybe three months ago.  There was some really good talent in the band.  Well get this.  He found that band through social networking.  Yes folks proven fact social networking WORKS.  :) time and time again social networking puts talent together or rises it to the top by allowing people or groups to promote in an affordable way and find people they otherwise might never find.  Well the site they used was called Musicians Forest that url is