Large Scale Printing

I am really into large format art.  I believe when it comes to art the bigger the better.  So I am always looking for large format printers for my work.  My mom actually called me today about printing murals and had two recommendations for having murals printed.  I am guessing murals are back.  The biggest thing I have done so far is 3 foot by 4 foot canvases so this to me is the next step.  Anyone need a mural :P.  The first site I was looking at is ColorEdge.  They have a huge clientele base and a wide variety of products.  They have some great sample photos so you can check out there work.  Their inkjet printer is 70" wide.  I would love to print on that machine.  

The second company that she told me about was Duggal Visual Solutions.  Right off the bat I was digging on their flash website although I am all for flash websites I don't like them for actual retail solutions but hey that is just an opinion.  They have definitely  started to change my mind on that.  Very impressive site with a great UI (user interface).  They too have that great 72" ink jet.  But what really caught my attention is what they call digital wallpaper.  That is exactly what I was looking for.  "6 color digital printing creates stunning photo quality wall murals, on removable and re positionable substrates.  Image can be tiled in panels creating a virtually limitless graphic produced in just a short period of time."    They have a lot of great photos of their portfolio including some from the street.  Thanks mom for the call and the great sites.  If any of you out there have done some printing for murals and used a different vendor that you are happy with let me know and I will be sure to give them props as well.


Art for the Kitchens sake

So my wife and I have been working on our kitchen now for the past year. We are at the point where we are ready to move on but we need some final touches. I have been working on two pieces for the kitchen both use the same color scheme as our dishes. The first is Cari's idea which did not turn out how she wanted it too but she is still happy with it. The second is what I love to do is to take a photo and break it down into pieces and recolor with some funky colors. Any how let me know what you think.

Free Art

I thought this was brilliant. This artist actually puts his art out there for free to provide pleasure to others. It also creates a want for his work as well since the only way you can get it is to find it. I wonder if he has stalkers. :) Here is a link to a video about this artist.