Humming Bird Illustration

(update! I finished this image this morning)

This morning I was up early. Well early for me, I woke up at 5 and could not go back to sleep. So with all that extra time I illustrated a humming bird. I actually was inspired by this really cool picture which I can no longer find of a high rise building but instead of apartments there were bird houses. So then I began to look at sparrows and I was just not inspired. So I went with a humming bird. I tried to capture the excitement of the movement with the brush and the splatter of the paint. I hope you enjoy!

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Heidi Hermsmeyer said...

Hi there, I was looking for hummingbird illustrations for inspiration for my wedding and came across this. I absolutely love it - simple, elegant, and vibrant. Really embodies the symbolism of a HB. Would you mind if I used this image (or a similar one) on our invitations and throughout our wedding if I give you credit and include your name? Thanks so much and have a great day! Your blog has a lot of inspiring posts!