Rap game is just like world politics

Today I read this great article likening the rap game to world politics. It actually was very revealing. Here is a snipit from the article check it out!

""So Jay-Z, like the United States after the war in Iraq, has got a tough decision to make," he says. "Do you ignore these provocations? But then they might spread — then people might think that you're weak. Do you hit down really hard? You could maybe destroy The Game, but you're going to be exhausted in the process."

It's like the United States having to fight counterinsurgency campaigns worldwide. The more powerful you are, Lynch says, the more limits there are on your ability to use that power."


Pretty Little Fings: watch this!

Pang posted this on her blog today and it had me laughing. :) 80s hyrbrid goodness!

Pretty Little Fings: watch this!


Steel Blue Steeple

So I just ordered a new canvas to go on sale at plum. I have called it steel blue steeple and it is of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Shepherdstown, WV. This specific image is not as bright as my usual work. I have used a calm relaxed scheme to match the imagery. Feel free to let me know your opinion, it should be on display at plum by the end of next week.


Art for pinheads. :) You have to see this to believe it!

I found this video this morning and had to share it with you guys. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Color Photos Are So Full OF Life: Feature Artist Jens Karlsson

Today while searching Flickr to see some of the photographers that live around me in Shepherdstown I ran into the work of Jens Karlsson. Jens is far from Shepherdstown but his work is full of bright and brilliant colors that are not over used. Below are a few select works that I really wanted you guys to check out and enjoy. I really love when Flickr users allow dl of larger images so I can use them for backgrounds. Check out Jens site at, his flickr site at .