Michael Jacksons Album Covers

So with the sad news of Michael Jacksons moving on I have decided to do my tribute in form of album art.

1972 Got to Be There

1972 Ben

1973 Music & Me

1975 Forever, Michael

1979 Off the Wall

1982 Thriller

1987 Bad

1991 Dangerous

1995 HIStory

2001 Invincible


Water Color Done right!

After a long vacation from blogging because I have been working on our store @plumwv I was shocked by this post that @cheth made on twitter. I am a fan of classic painting style but what I truly love in paintings is strong use of color. I never thought for some reason this could be done right with water color. I have been proven wrong in so many ways. I believe this Russian artist has truly captured movement and great color with their work. Please take a minute and check out this portfolio!