One of my latest works: The birds of Shepherdstown

I have been working on this image of Shepherdstown for a week and I am still trying to get it right. But I think I need to post it and look at it in a week to see what I think. I appreciate your thoughts.


The Illustrations of Fumi!

So there is this great illustrator up in New York by the name of Fumi. I truly love the feeling of her work it has great color and simplicity yet has a story in each image. She is from Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan. Her mother was a seamstress and seemed to enhance and encourage her work and now she is creating incredible Illustrations right here on the east coast of the US of A. Please take the time to visit her site at and let me know what you think of her work below in a comment.


New Ad Series for plum:

This is where I am at now. I am going to get a few hard copies of this printed for flyers.

This first one incorporates adjustments to appeal to a younger audience.

So I am stealing from the great Art Nouveau artists to producing a ad series for our store. Here is a mockup of the first in the series. I have to make some modifications to it though because it might appeal to the wrong people.


Controled Chaos: The work of Oliver Vernon?

Today's featured artist is Oliver Vernon. I love the amount of action and movement that is happening in his work. To me it is like laying down in the grass as a kid and looking up at the clouds. But he has added so many layers and colors that it has brought his work to a new level. It is interesting to go to his site and look how it has evolved. He has become so much more organic and deeper as time has passed. His latest work which is featured here just blows my mind on how much detail and creativity that he put into the pieces. Also, above check out the two videos that talk about him and his work. When your done with all that go to his website at


Getting Linear with Edward Kwongs Illustrations

Today I am featuring the great illustrustrations of Edward Kwong. I stumbled into his work the other day as I was tweeting away. I really enjoy how he breaks up his figures with these not organic lines. I am really into his latest image of the owl. Edward is from Vancouver, BC. He has his Bachelors of design from Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. Some of his clients include: Bioware, Nonfiction, Avenue Magazine. Check out his work and get inspired.