The Illustrations of Raquel Aparicio

Today I am featuring the beautiful illustrations from Raquel Aparicio. Here Illustrations amaze me with there creativity. So many great ideas and I LOVE the colors she uses. I wonder why she uses the wolf symbolism in a lot of her illustrations? Raquel was Born in Avila and a has a twin sister. She has done some major more for big clients! This is a video of her in a Wendys commercial.

Take some time today and enjoy Raquels work and maybe pick something up from Raquels store.

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Bret Leduc said...

i love this commercial.
i don't watch tv so i only saw this in the movie theater i worked at in Monterey, CA in 2007. It was the Cinemark in Del Monte Center. I have such great memories from that place and this commercial is so young and innocent and childlike that it holds a special place in my heart.
thanks for posting it!
her store seems to be down. i hope it comes back up. i love you raquel.