Hiding Intimate Desires: Angela Fraleigh

Today I am talking about the work of Angela Fraleigh. Her work has a lot of elements that create interest. There is passion, color, and a story. Angela Fraleighs work really creates a story in my mind and I want to know more. As I go through her portfolio I feel like I am peeking on on something I should not see. The color that hides the people creates three things for me one is the feeling that I am not supposed to be seeing this or maybe a foggy memory. The color and randomness creates maybe a sort of violent or energy as well. and lastly it gives the image age, as if you find an old picture in the attic.

Angela Fraleigh is an artist who lives in Allentown, Pa. That is near where my buddy Chris Heath is a Chef. She graduated with her Masters in painting from Yale University. If you have time go and check out her site at it is worth your time.

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