Featured Artist: Hugh MacLeod

Today @JenMiller13 brought Hugh to my attention on twitter and I am featuring Hugh because I think he gets it. He gets the Biz behind the art. He understand that art is just another consumer product and doesnt seem to have some notion that if you build they will come.

He is all over the place with books, Twitter, blogs whatever he is pushing his work and selling it at every opportunity. Today I am featuring him because he finish a giant canvas (and for those of you that know my work I prefer them as well). It is called desertmanhattan and I think it is amazing in two respect. One I think it is a great piece of work but two... He created a buzz about this piece by pretty much blogging about it from start to finish. People that read this blog now understand the thought, the work and kind of feel like they were a part of the story.

He used social media to promote his not work not just at the end but through the whole proccess. So if you get a minute today Check out Desertmanhattan and what Hugh MacLeod did with the tools that we all have to promote and sell his art.

update: I see Seth blogged about Hugh as well.


David Rosen said...
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Highton-Ridley said...

Great selection of 10 :) I know they're not West Virginia but you seem to have a good eye for art and might like mine...