ART 2.0: Art and Social media

So as an artist myself I have been seeing a lot of chatter among artists about social media and their art. They have named this combo deal "Art 2.0" I am not a big fan of the name but I think people get the point. I was once told in Art school that 90% of what makes a artist famous is the ability to sell their work. If you can't sell your art then you can't afford to be prolific. Either way my point is that its not Art 2.0 or Gov 2.0 or Web 2.0 its called marketing and marketing has changed. It has become very personal.

You can't just shout from the hill tops anymore you have to be in the valley chatting with people to build up your network whether it is on twitter, facebook, govloop, myspace, [insert social community here]. Once you have a network you can climb a little further up that hilltop and shout for an hour or so but you have to come back to one on one communications. That to me is what is changing. It has become so easy for anyone to get out there and broadcast that there are too many sources of information for yours to be the only one. Since there are choices for people they will always make the choice that is most relevant to them. Obama did not get elected from sitting back home in Chicago and writing blogs. No he went from town to town shaking hands and holding babies.

So this rant got started by my interest in artists using the social tools now available to market their work. I have been posting featured artists on my blog since January and one of the many things I have learned is that all of the successful artists on the web are getting out there and shaking hands marketing their work. If you are an artist that is new to the web get out there and use all the media that is available but don't forget to get out of the studio and meet people and go to art shows and visit gallery's!

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