Featured Artist: Hugh MacLeod

Today @JenMiller13 brought Hugh to my attention on twitter and I am featuring Hugh because I think he gets it. He gets the Biz behind the art. He understand that art is just another consumer product and doesnt seem to have some notion that if you build they will come.

He is all over the place with books, Twitter, blogs whatever he is pushing his work and selling it at every opportunity. Today I am featuring him because he finish a giant canvas (and for those of you that know my work I prefer them as well). It is called desertmanhattan and I think it is amazing in two respect. One I think it is a great piece of work but two... He created a buzz about this piece by pretty much blogging about it from start to finish. People that read this blog now understand the thought, the work and kind of feel like they were a part of the story.

He used social media to promote his not work not just at the end but through the whole proccess. So if you get a minute today Check out Desertmanhattan and what Hugh MacLeod did with the tools that we all have to promote and sell his art.

update: I see Seth blogged about Hugh as well.

ART 2.0: Art and Social media

So as an artist myself I have been seeing a lot of chatter among artists about social media and their art. They have named this combo deal "Art 2.0" I am not a big fan of the name but I think people get the point. I was once told in Art school that 90% of what makes a artist famous is the ability to sell their work. If you can't sell your art then you can't afford to be prolific. Either way my point is that its not Art 2.0 or Gov 2.0 or Web 2.0 its called marketing and marketing has changed. It has become very personal.

You can't just shout from the hill tops anymore you have to be in the valley chatting with people to build up your network whether it is on twitter, facebook, govloop, myspace, [insert social community here]. Once you have a network you can climb a little further up that hilltop and shout for an hour or so but you have to come back to one on one communications. That to me is what is changing. It has become so easy for anyone to get out there and broadcast that there are too many sources of information for yours to be the only one. Since there are choices for people they will always make the choice that is most relevant to them. Obama did not get elected from sitting back home in Chicago and writing blogs. No he went from town to town shaking hands and holding babies.

So this rant got started by my interest in artists using the social tools now available to market their work. I have been posting featured artists on my blog since January and one of the many things I have learned is that all of the successful artists on the web are getting out there and shaking hands marketing their work. If you are an artist that is new to the web get out there and use all the media that is available but don't forget to get out of the studio and meet people and go to art shows and visit gallery's!


10 Sweet BoomBox Designs

Although the first one doesn't really work but these starwars inspired boom boxes are great.

The Next three are by Lasonic. They have come out with three Ghetto blasters that make all modern boom boxes look way too modern.

Updated i931 iPOD Ghetto Blaster with an AM/FM tuner, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, USB input and SD card reader for direct MP3 playback. Two powerful 12w speakers will deliver enough music to your listening pleasure.

This i-931 compatible with varieties of iPods such as iPod Color display , iPod Classic also iPod Photo .
Product Features
Supported USB flash disk and SD/MMC card to playback MP3 files
Enjoy your iPod without earphone
iPod control and charging
Watch video on your TV if using iPod Video
Good reception Tuner function (AM/FM/RBDS)
FM 20 preset stations and AM 20 preset stations
Show RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) text on LCD display
Alarm to wake up and sleep function
Accurately real time clock display
Separate bass and treble controls
Powerful speaker sound system (12W x 2)
EQ adjustment
Volume level indicator
AUX IN for extension function
Headphone input and volume/echo adjustment
Full function remote control
Using AC power or batteries for operation
Dimensions (W/H/D): 650 x 166 x 365 mm

High Performance Portable Music System

Updated i931 iPOD Ghetto Blaster with an AM/FM tuner, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, USB input and SD card reader for direct MP3 playback. Two powerful 12w speakers will deliver enough music to your listening pleasure.

This i-931 compatible with varieties of iPods such as iPod Color display , iPod Classic also iPod Photo .

High performance Portable Music System

Updated i931 iPOD Ghetto Blaster with an AM/FM tuner, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, USB input and SD card reader for direct MP3 playback. Two powerful 12w speakers will deliver enough music to your listening pleasure.

This is probably the coolest small ipod boombox. This one I had to put in the list just because it kept that old school feel with it being that small.

4 AA Bateries included for iPod and other mp3 players

So this was in a Madonna video but it was from our youth.

Best Ever!
LEDs cover the stereo's speaker area and light up when the music plays. This monstrosity originated in China and made its way to discount electronics shops in the late '80s.

He played your tapes, now let him play your MP3's! Takara/Tomy is bringing the Soundwave from your childhood modernizing him into the music format of the current day. Think your ipod makes a statement, now your Soundwave can make a statement this player works off of an SD card (not included). Toy includes a new styling for a vintage classic with this all new body mold, complete with die-cast parts. Toy comes in both classic soundwave coloring (Spark Blue) or white just like your ipod. A modern twist on a true classic!

BlackBox by Gear4.

This is a modern boombox that really captures the essence of a boombox with a modern sleek design. Back in the day the more complicated and cluttered it looked the better it was. You wanted it to look like the cockpit of a spaceship. But this is so crisp and clean and looks like the inside of an alien spacecraft.

Wireless stereo speaker for most A2DP Bluetooth® phones, laptops, MP3 players and iPod*The BlackBox from GEAR4 is a super-stylish Bluetooth stereo speaker system that combines exceptional audio performance and cutting-edge design. It features a hidden LED display that comes to life with your tunes and touch screen controls, so that nothing detracts from its elegance and minimalist style. With its distinctive deep gloss finish the BlackBox will fit perfectly into any room of the house. Mobile phone compatibility is assured via its firmware upgrade feature – simply link the speaker up to your computer to download the right profile for your mobile.


This was on pocket calculator as the Conion C-100 of the future. Although it doesn't exist it would be great!


‘Where the Wild Things Are' The Movie!!!

For those of you living in a whole in the ground this the trailer of Maurice Sendaks childrens story called ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. It is about a little boy that has to go to bed without supper and he has an amazing dream about a world were the wild creatures are and he is the king.

OK am I the only one to think this is going to be awesome? This trailer really seems very exciting and the costumes, art, adn cinematography seem perfect. The sound track seems fitting as well. I think this is going to be a blockbuster people take a look yourself and tell me your opinion.


Pixel Wallpaper: Brilliant ideas with sticky notes

This awesome idea was created by Sirkka Hammer in collaboration with Duncan Wilson. It is a wallpaper consisting of four layers of varying grey tones. Think about how this can be increased... Each layer is perforated in a grid format so it is like a million sticky notes. This wall becomes actively functional and becomes very handy in a conference room or waiting room at the office. The wall then actively changes shape and look as people use it.


The Incredible Illustrations of James Jean!

I love the work by James Jean but I will let Mars say it best "Jean is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. He was educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles in 2003. In a ceaseless torrent of images, his finely wrought and narrative-driven work has captured the attention of a world-wide audience and the admiration of other artists, designers, and filmmakers. Renowned for his draftsmanship, imagination, and ability to span the commercial and fine art worlds, Jean has created a deeply involved body of work that has been widely featured in print, fabric, large-scale installations, and animation." Take the time and check out is work at


Irish Contemporary Artist: Connor Maguire

Since today is Saint Patricks day I celebrate it with featuring a contemporary artist from Ireland. Connor Maguire was born in Belfast which is in Northern Ireland. Connor lived in New York Briefly after school but returned home to Belfast. He has been working as a freelance artist doing anything from illustration, ceramics, website design or even framing. His work is bright and colorful and is glorifies everyday life. Take some time today and check out Connor Macguires work at


My latest TShirt Series: Dead Icons

So this past weekend I started a series of tshirts with some familiar icons from my youth. I plan on expaning on this concept and doing a opened ended series of these. Take a look at these and other shirt designs at

Frozen in motion: Julia Fullerton- Batten

I am very intrigued by how Julia is able to get these dream like moments on film. She does some crazy experiments with props scale and motion. These photos really pull me in and allow me to questions what she is trying to say. I really think there are some serious women's issues in my mind being discussed with these images. I want to know what you think? take a look at her work at and post back here what you her work says to you.


Candy Kills!: Liz Wolfe

In my want for spring to be here already I am posting the work of Liz Wolfe. The color in her work is amazing. It could not be any more colorful. It is actual eye candy but there is a darker side to her work. I love the contrast she creates with her subjects and the candy land imagery she has created. If you are ready for spring take a minute and go through Liz Wolfe's Website and check out here amazing photographs!


A Minature Town with a Story: Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett is an artist from Portland Maine that graduated from New York Academy of Art in 2002. She has had exhibits all over the world and in the U.S. I truly attracted to the story she creates with her painting and the whole idea behind this series. She has created a miniature neighborhood similar to what one would create for a train set. She then created a story and a loose timeline behind this neighborhood that when put together creates its history. What really is creative to me is that she doesn't tell this story with a book or a movie or even a sitcom. She tells this story through her series of Oil paintings. Maybe it is my need to be able to tell a store with my work but I really want to be able to create this curiosity that she creates with this series. I believe this is what I truly have been missing in my work and that is creating a story behind the work and trying to get that story translated to the viewer of the work. Sounds easy... But it is not and she does it so well. Check out the whole store at Amy Bennetts Website and it is not all Pickett fences. :)


Hiding Intimate Desires: Angela Fraleigh

Today I am talking about the work of Angela Fraleigh. Her work has a lot of elements that create interest. There is passion, color, and a story. Angela Fraleighs work really creates a story in my mind and I want to know more. As I go through her portfolio I feel like I am peeking on on something I should not see. The color that hides the people creates three things for me one is the feeling that I am not supposed to be seeing this or maybe a foggy memory. The color and randomness creates maybe a sort of violent or energy as well. and lastly it gives the image age, as if you find an old picture in the attic.

Angela Fraleigh is an artist who lives in Allentown, Pa. That is near where my buddy Chris Heath is a Chef. She graduated with her Masters in painting from Yale University. If you have time go and check out her site at it is worth your time.


The Illustrations of Raquel Aparicio

Today I am featuring the beautiful illustrations from Raquel Aparicio. Here Illustrations amaze me with there creativity. So many great ideas and I LOVE the colors she uses. I wonder why she uses the wolf symbolism in a lot of her illustrations? Raquel was Born in Avila and a has a twin sister. She has done some major more for big clients! This is a video of her in a Wendys commercial.

Take some time today and enjoy Raquels work and maybe pick something up from Raquels store.

My New Canvas has Arrived.

Last night was a christmas day for me. My new canvas arrived with my print and it turned out great. Check it out.


Little people in the big world: Slinkachu

Today I would to bring to your attention the little people all around us that slinkachu has created. In London an artist by the name of slinkachu not peekachoo is creating little hand painted people and putting into the world to fend for themselves. These works of art are to me a lot of fun and amazing to look at. How many of you would really spot these as you were walking by and would you pick them up or leave them for others to find. I am very interested in the book Sluinkachu put out as well. Take the time and check out the little people blog.