Running from the Camera??!

So today I thought I would share with you this silly little blog called running from camera. Now this is not art and no it is not very itchy. But... it goes back to what I believe makes the Internet. It is all about the niche people. All you need is to come up with some silly niche and people will show up. This is just an example of a niche that is nonsense yet I went there and looked at all the photos. There are no kittens, no puppy's, no secret notes, no koalas or babies. Just some guy running from camera. This running from the camera can go on and on with endless content. Well while I sit here coming up with my niche check out his site.


cchou said...

I wonder if anyone's tried to take his camera while he's running away from it.

David Rosen said...

That is the first thing I would do :)