Art worth sleeping on.

Today I am going to feature some great pillows.

The first place is livingstones in France. They have some great designs and pillows that look like stones and liquid. Stone pillows

These sushi pillows are so cool you just want to eat them

These pillows are a great way to get a laugh while you nap. Blood pillows

Will your spouse or significant other not spoon you at night??? Well who needs them with the spooning pillow

I personally am thinking I might get one of these Glow alarm pillow. I would love to wake up this way and you can even use them to read at night.

Inspired by one of the greatest movies of all time the Horse Head Pillow . Nothing like waking up with the head of a horse in your bed.

I might buy this one for the wife. She love her some big macs. :) Who doesn't need a Burger Pillow

If you are a lover of macs like me then you might want some cool trendy Icon Pillows

Did you forget what pillow you keep your gun under? Well you wont with the Gun Pillow

Never go to a sleep over without the Pillow fighting pillow

Glowing Squid pillow thing??? I am not sure what this thing is but it looks like it might just eat me when I sleep

Don't forget about your puppy. This pillow thing is for those puppy's that love your legs. This might keep them busy for a while. Pillow for the dog???

Arghh me matey. those scallywags stole me sleep. Theme jolly roger pillow.

This was a strange find. Would you like to take a nap on someones lap?? well now they have a chick with a red dress pillow in Asia.

Can put the ipod down? Well you don't have too. try the ipillow


Leif said...

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David Rosen said...

Thank you so much I have slacked off a bit on the daily posting but I will not stop all together.