20 random tweets about Claire Suddath

So today my sister sent me this article by Claire Suddath. She went on to blast the 25 things on facebook that everyone has been doing. She actually had some funny ones on there. But then at the end she took a jab at twitter. So below is 18 tweets randomly about Claire Suddath found on twitter. I would have put 25 but she wasn't that relevant to get that many. :)

  1. Claire Suddath is a killjoy

  2. Claire Suddath doesn't get Web 2.0

  3. Time entertainment fails so hard at grasping the internet.

  4. Claire suddath. you. are. old.Claire Suddath, your a hack, go back to journalism school

  5. Dear Claire Suddath, Learn the definition of narcissism! Yours Truly, Sarah

  6. Claire Suddath is barely a journalist anyway, she writes in a series of opinionated statements. Clearly tweeter is awesome!

  7. Claire Suddath has really found that she has stupid friends.

  8. Claire Suddath will be at home the next few days, hooked up to intravenous Midol and clutching a bottle of Valium.

  9. Claire Suddath needs to stop reading facebook and twitter.

  10. Claire Suddath at Time doesn't like Facebook, or Twitter

  11. Dear Claire Suddath; did you just find out that surveys suck? Welcome to the internet. Glad to see such quality writing in the MSM.

  12. Claire Suddath looks a little like Anne Coulter. That explains everything.

  13. Claire Suddath needs to lighten up, or unfriend people. Some of those were hilarious.

  14. Claire Suddath is an idiot for posting this

  15. CLAIRE SUDDATH from You are officially an idiot.

  16. Interesting that Claire Suddath would speak of "viral narcissism", yet forget to leave off her "by line"...

  17. Sorry Claire Suddath, but anybody calling Twitter "stupid" at this point is either woefully out of touch, or just garden variety flame-bait.

  18. I wonder how old Time writer Claire Suddath is. She clearly doesn't get it. I only know who she is because of Twitter.
  19. Dear Claire Suddath of Time Magazine. 1. Maybe you have boring friends. 2. Stupid? That's the best you've got? 3. serves pop-ups?
  20. What an insightful person CLAIRE SUDDATH is...what a ___(Fill in the Blank)___

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Greg said...

that's pretty funny...