So Whatcha watcha want... Beastie Boys Art

As many of you that know me well know I have been a big fan of the Beastie Boys since I was a boy myself. One of my Design projects in college was actually a biographical piece about them. I believe I did two videos on them in college as well (It has been a long time people). So today I was very happy to stumble upon a website thatis called Under The Influence: Beastie Boys Artwork! They have an awesome collection of Beastie Boys inspired Artwork for sale and in a gallery. I was so tempted to try to buy some myself, then I remembered I don't have money. But, if I did, I would be trying to get a piece for my log room. In his collection there is work by Chris Roth, Shepard Fairey, Glenn E. Friedman, Jonathan Bergeron to name a few. Here are a few samples but go on over and check them out if you are in the LA area.

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