Shepard Fairey is Cashing in on success with Barack Obama

The general public is now aware of Shepard Faireys since he did that great design for Obama. I really became interested in his work when he first put out his obey series with Andre. Anyways I was really surprised to hear that he was hired my Saks Fifth Avenue to do a new propaganda spirit spring marketing.

It is funny it seems everyone in the ad world right now is desperately trying to jump on the incredible work by the Obama people to capture that same feel. The reason why is simple THE YOUTH. Barack Obama they say was actually able to get out there and get the youth to vote and in BIG numbers. That is unheard of in the ad world. What you got someone to buy something they have never bought before.

Take a look at Pepsi's new ad campaign. Does that logo look familiar to you??? Yes they too are trying to get that youth market.


David Rosen said...

AP Tries To Redefine Fair Use; Goes After Shepard Fairey For Obama Poster. I guess the original photo was not his. OOOPS!

David Rosen said...