The Nightmare of Kris Kuksi

Once in a while I come upon an artist who just blows my mind. Well, Kris Kuksi did it. His work is darker then my darkest nightmare. His imagery is of cities of death, devices, and cultish worship gives me shivers. I believe if hell needed an architect they would come to Kris first. He probably would design it to look a lot scarier then it needed to be.

The funny thing is his art remind me a lot of the work I was looking at yesterday from Dan Witz. The paintings he did of the Mosh Pits have that same feel. Kuksi work can even gain respect of those not even interested in this subject by the granular detail he goes into with these miniatures. I thought this quote from his website says it all.

“He soon discovered his distaste for the typical American life and pop culture, feeling that he has always belonged to the ‘Old World’.”

Looking at his pieces I wonder what his work would look like if he tried to create something that emulated our current world. Really there are things going on right now that in my eyes are just as scary. I do understand his draw to the middle ages and the darkness those days churn. I grew up for many years in Rome and I have a love of the architecture from the Middle Ages as well. Kris in my eyes has really hit a home run with his work and I could stare at it for hours unless I was planning on going to bed soon then I would have to stay away. :)

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