Making art with neon light

If you have every been in my town (Shepherdstown) at night you will notice as you approach the residential section of German street that there are a few houses with animals made with neon in windows. Every time I see them it makes me smile. So I have become fascinated with Neon Art as of late. I have contacted a few artists to see how they got started like Eric Ehlenberger. Eric's work with neon is very calming. I really enjoy his luminous Jellyfish.

While Eric's work is more sculptural Dan Flavins work is more focused on color and light. Dan is actually no longer with us, but his work will live on. He built a lot of very cool installations with commercially available fluorescent lights. Dan really was able to create emotion with his minimalist installations. How does this piece he built make you feel?

Another artist that I stumbled upon in my research is Lili Lakich. She is the founder of the Museum of Neon Art and has supervised the restoration of 22 large scale vintage signs. I really dig her work. She has a broad range of work ranging from consumer ads, Illustrations and even websites. But here work with neon really stands out.

So after looking at the work of these three artists I don't think my research will end there. I hope to eventually try to build something of my own.


Tall_Green_Grass said...

A friend and I were just talking about the Shepherdstown neon lights. Do you happen to know where they get them? My friend is looking for a poodle or lizard light.

David Rosen said...

We bought ours at dickinson and wait in town. But they have a limited selection. I will look around and see if I find any and post back here if I see a larger selection anywhere.