I Will Shamwow You With My Blog!

Ok I know this is very off topic for my blog but this infomercial is very itchy. I am using Shamwow as a verb constantly. It has replaced Ginormous and Redonkulous. I am not a very big fan of the infomercial because of its destruction of early morning TV. But Vince has risen to the heights right up there with that bearded guy that yells a lot.

Hmm what’s his name? Billy Mays. (Is he yelling or is he talking… the world will never know).

Back to Vince (oh get this his name is Vince Offer), and the ShamWow. Our bug eyed friend and his product I truly believe are on the verge of invading the English language. I think I have seen at least four or more status posts on Facebook using it as a verb. This morning a twit was seen using it… yes folks a twit. So let me start out and define the word Shamwow for you all.

Adjective, -ness, -weist
1. Something so great you just want to go out and get your own.
a. That girl’s husband is so Shamwow.
b. Check out those new sneakers they are Shamwow

Verb, -wing, wed
1. To surprise with greatness when seeming so ordinary
a. My wife shamwowed me with macaroni and cheese last night
b. My new employee is Shamwowing everyone I am worried they might take my job.

I actually have no interest in the product. I am just so Shamwowed when something as funny as a guy with eyes popping out and a faux hawk yelling at some people at the county fair can really create something so viral. Great job Vince!

So go ahead and start using shamwow. And post it here if you see someone else using it.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say my husband and I laugh at this guy all the time! I hadn't heard Shamwow being used as a "term" but I guess when you have spokesperson like that anything can happen! ha! I just saw another one with our friend Vince as the host the other day.. keep an eye out for it!

Anonymous said...

I think Vince is the current up and coming infomercial A lister. I have to say, I am a tiny bit saddened by this because I totally heart Billy Mays!

Also, never let us forget the infomercial hay days of Suzanne Somers and her Thigh Master! She may not be loud, but damn she got the point across!!

Anonymous said...

Sham Wow guy was arrested after a battle with a hooker.