Get Social with your music production

So as most of you know social networks are trying to tap every niche group possible out there. One of my interests is of course music.  Whether it be pushing music I produce, collaboration, listening to new artist or trying to find a band there are social networking sites out there trying to get you to sign up.  One site actually captures my interest and I have set up a site at  This site I would say leans towards music producers and vocalists.  It is a very user friendly UI (user interface) and it really understands what electronic music producers need in a social network.  You can check out my personal sound cloud profile at

So some of you might not be into electronic music at all but would love to get social with bands.   Well I did some sound work for my buddy Josh C. on Saturday up in Boonsboro Maryland.  He was playing drums for a band that just got together maybe three months ago.  There was some really good talent in the band.  Well get this.  He found that band through social networking.  Yes folks proven fact social networking WORKS.  :) time and time again social networking puts talent together or rises it to the top by allowing people or groups to promote in an affordable way and find people they otherwise might never find.  Well the site they used was called Musicians Forest that url is

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