ARGHH! Those Sea Kittens are at it again.

On the way home from work as usual I was listening to NPR and wamo out of the speakers come a story about PETA trying to re brand fish. WHAT!?! re brand an animal? You can't do that. So get this PETA thinks it can. They are attempting to make fish more adorable. Listen there are no fish on the cute things falling asleep site. NONE! Fish are cool and all don't get me wrong. I spent a couple hundred bucks taking my daughters to see tank loads of them the other week in Baltimore but CUTE? Wait. Cow fish are kinda cute.

Stop me please. Anyhow. I think this is hilarious and they are going to get a good amount of scratches on this itch. Nice Job PETA you have got our attention.

Create Your Own Sea Kitten at!

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Anonymous said...

What the hell is a sea kitten anyway? I hate fish, I mean I am scared of them...I guess I don't hate them, I eat them! If PETA thinks they are cute, then they need to watch a freaking NOODLING video...cute my ass!