Another one of Chicago's finest: Mathew Woodson

This morning I found a great Artist from Southern Indiana. Mathew Woodson went to one of the best if not the best art school, The Art Institute of Chicago. He graduated in 2006 and has been residing in Chicago ever since. He has had a great number of clients already while working for Some of his clients are: Action Heights Records, American Express, Bare Films, Bon Appetit Magazine, The Boston Globe, Business Week, Complex Magazine, Digital Kitchen, ESPN Magazine, Far From Timid, Fisher Mountain Bikes, The Folio Society, Forbes Magazine, Ford, Glamour Magazine, Godiva, The House Of Blues, Image Comics, LA Weekly, Learning Media, Meathaus Comics, More Magazine, Nestle, NewYork Magazine, NextBook, Penthouse Magazine, Perry Ellis, Radar Magazine, Randomhouse, The Royal Mail, Sandbox Strategies, Scholastic, Sparknotes, TFA, Threadless, Topshelf Comics, Type Records, UNICEF, Wired Magazine.

What I really like about his Illustrations are how life like they are, yet have that comic feel. I am not sure if any of you have seen Waking Life from 2001, but his illustrations look like they are about to move and begin talking like the animation in that movie.

I am really tempted to purchase one of his prints. I am sure he is going to go far in the world of illustration. If you are on twitter follow him at read his blog at

And oh by the way he is a Musician.