Modern Design in an older home!

Since we moved into our 1843 log home in shepherdstown west virginia my wife and I have been working to get it to work well with our style. After living in our home we are starting to get there but today I ran across the work of JESSICA HELGERSON. I cant get over some of the innovative ways she worked in modern design with still keeping the house looking great. It is a struggle for me to figure this out and now after seeing what she has done I am inspired. check out her portfolio and see all the photos. To see more go to her site at


Pretty Little Fings: i love this town

Pretty Little Fings: i love this town Great little post about Shepherdstown WV


Hot NYC!

So I have been ignoring all of you lately on my twitter site and my blog and I am sorry. I have been so busy with working, running a store front, being a dad, and taking care of my 150 year old house. Well I just finished last night my NYC canvas that has been driving me nuts! It is 4 feet by 3 feet and I am really liking how my style is developing. I keep trying to figure out how this style will evolve but every time I do I get into this huge pause in work where I try so many new steps and it really stops me from being prolific. Well I should have it in the Plum gallery in 2 weeks. In the mean time I want to thank all of you who have been buying my work. It really inspires me to know that you appreciate my work and that I am not the only one who enjoys it.

So this latest Canvas I am calling Hot NYC.


Some of my latest shirt designs

Here are a few of my latest shirt designs. I saw the use of hebrew letters on tv and I had to create a few of my own. The flash gordon shirt was because he was my hero when I was a kid.


Humming Bird Illustration

(update! I finished this image this morning)

This morning I was up early. Well early for me, I woke up at 5 and could not go back to sleep. So with all that extra time I illustrated a humming bird. I actually was inspired by this really cool picture which I can no longer find of a high rise building but instead of apartments there were bird houses. So then I began to look at sparrows and I was just not inspired. So I went with a humming bird. I tried to capture the excitement of the movement with the brush and the splatter of the paint. I hope you enjoy!


Star Wars Zip over face hoodie

I am really digging these new star wars hoodies by mark ecko! I am not one that can rock such cool gear but I do really think they are so original and cool! Let me know what one is your favorite! I am thinking the clone trooper is mine.


Colors for Fall 2009

Now that Cari and I own a store in Shepherdstown WV called Plum I have been watching color trends closely because we have to be fully aware of what people are looking for. With that said I also have been trying to incorporate hot colors into my art as well. Today I posted what I see as the colors of Fall 2009.

Color by COLOURlovers

I am also aware that Russian folklore art is really in as well. It has been in for a while but it is coming on strong. This always makes me look back at one of the best russian folklore artist Wassily Kandinsky who was around from 1866 - 1944. He was an amazing artist and a master of color.

As you can see he was on the mark!


Featured Artist: Alyssa Monks

In my quest lately on trying to find some inspiration on creating a new series of paintings I have come upon an artist that not only can create photo realism but it goes so far to even format them as if they are snapshots. Alyssa Monks work is amazing how she captures emotion and realism with her brush. I love how she is able to create steam and skin tones way beyond what most artists dream of. She actually is teaching a class in New York Academy of Art on painting skin which sounds great!

Take the time to check out Alyssa Monks work at I am sure it will blow your mind!



Steel Blue Steeple

So I just ordered a new canvas to go on sale at plum. I have called it steel blue steeple and it is of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Shepherdstown, WV. This specific image is not as bright as my usual work. I have used a calm relaxed scheme to match the imagery. Feel free to let me know your opinion, it should be on display at plum by the end of next week.


Art for pinheads. :) You have to see this to believe it!

I found this video this morning and had to share it with you guys. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Color Photos Are So Full OF Life: Feature Artist Jens Karlsson

Today while searching Flickr to see some of the photographers that live around me in Shepherdstown I ran into the work of Jens Karlsson. Jens is far from Shepherdstown but his work is full of bright and brilliant colors that are not over used. Below are a few select works that I really wanted you guys to check out and enjoy. I really love when Flickr users allow dl of larger images so I can use them for backgrounds. Check out Jens site at, his flickr site at .


Michael Jacksons Album Covers

So with the sad news of Michael Jacksons moving on I have decided to do my tribute in form of album art.

1972 Got to Be There

1972 Ben

1973 Music & Me

1975 Forever, Michael

1979 Off the Wall

1982 Thriller

1987 Bad

1991 Dangerous

1995 HIStory

2001 Invincible


Water Color Done right!

After a long vacation from blogging because I have been working on our store @plumwv I was shocked by this post that @cheth made on twitter. I am a fan of classic painting style but what I truly love in paintings is strong use of color. I never thought for some reason this could be done right with water color. I have been proven wrong in so many ways. I believe this Russian artist has truly captured movement and great color with their work. Please take a minute and check out this portfolio!


Amazing photos from India that will inspire you with color

The other day my neighbors came home from a party with red faces and colors all over their clothes. I live in Shepherdstown WV and I had a great chat with them to find out what the deal was. They had been at a friends house celebrating an Indian holiday. After a great weekend of celebrating May Day in Shepherdstown West Virginia and planting my yard full of color. I have been inspired by the color. Please take a moment and enjoy the work of Poras Chaudhary


One of my latest works: The birds of Shepherdstown

I have been working on this image of Shepherdstown for a week and I am still trying to get it right. But I think I need to post it and look at it in a week to see what I think. I appreciate your thoughts.


The Illustrations of Fumi!

So there is this great illustrator up in New York by the name of Fumi. I truly love the feeling of her work it has great color and simplicity yet has a story in each image. She is from Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan. Her mother was a seamstress and seemed to enhance and encourage her work and now she is creating incredible Illustrations right here on the east coast of the US of A. Please take the time to visit her site at and let me know what you think of her work below in a comment.